Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Samplers on Sale EVERYWHERE! (well.....almost!)

First, let me apologize for being MIA for the past couple of weeks. I have Late Stage Lyme Disease ("Late Stage" just means I've had Lyme for more than 3 years -- 10+ years in my case -- without proper treatment), and when it decides to flare up, my life pretty much comes to a halt. ESPECIALLY when it decides to flare up during cold & flu season, as my immune system is basically non-functioning because of all the little Lyme bugs in my body. Anywho.....this flare-up seems to be on it's way out (FINALLY), and we've got LOTS to get caught up on around here!

For this post, though, I'm just going to focus on giving you all the sale info for the various samplers currently on sale or soon to be on sale.....

My Dream Sample Box

January Direct Sale Box -- Went on sale Jan 31st, "Filled with tons samples, information, catalogs and so much more. Only pay for shipping and handling." -- $19.99

February Boxes -- The site indicates that their boxes go on sale on the 1st of every month, and their "Order a Box" page indicates that February's Boxes are now available for purchase, but they have not yet announced on their Facebook Page that these boxes are on sale -- $22 for small box (15-20 samples), $44 for large box (21-30 samples)

Out of the Box Sampler

Valentine's Sweetheart Box -- Went on sale around 8pm Central time on Jan 31st, "Each month we put together boxes filled to the brim with 15-17 different businesses' samples for you to enjoy. The boxes overflow with items like melts, scrubs, bath, body, tarts, candles, gourmet foods, jewelry, coupons, discounts, cards and much more, from some of the best e-tailers on the web." -- $23.95

Giggle Bags -- Went on sale same time as Valentine Boxes, "These bags will contain just 5 product samples that are suited for adults only. They are a little naughty, but oh so much fun" -- $6.00, but could only be purchased with a Valentine's Sweetheart Box (sold out at time of blog post)

Patty Cake Kids Sampler Box

Besties / Valentine Box -- Went on sale Jan 30th, "There are 10 samples in each box. Since this box can be shared, most items are doubled :) so there will be close to 20 samples in each box" -- $10 plus $5 shipping

Sampler Village

Be My Valentine Simply & Lavishly Samplicious Boxes -- Went on sale at 10am Central time on Jan 21st, "Simply Samplicious Sampler Box includes 15-20 (sometimes even more!) randomly selected samples from our participating Villagers that month. Lavishly Samplicious Sampler Box includes samples from mostly all the Villagers (usually 40-45 samples)." -- $25 for smaller box and I think the larger ones are around $50 (can't say for sure right now, as they sold out within an hour of being listed, so I can't see their price)

Yummylicious Treats Sample Box -- Went on sale at same time as the Valentine Boxes, "Our new Yummylicious Treats Boxes are filled with delicious goodies that will make your mouth scream for more!!"; January's boxes included samples from all 22 participating shops -- $45 (sold out at time of blog post)

Tantalizing Sampler

Valentine's Love Box -- Went on sale today, these samplers include 16-18 samples from both handmade and direct sale businesses -- $18

Valentine Grab Bag -- Went on sale today, these samplers include 8-10 samples from both handmade and direct sale businesses -- $12

The Crafty Sampler

February Sampler -- Goes on sale today, "Full of crafty, homemade goodness. 2 sizes available, shipping included in price." -- $12 for smaller box (10 samples), $18 for larger box (11-20 samples)

Upcoming Sale Dates....

My Pretty Pink Box -- Goes on sale on Wednesday, Feb. 2nd -- beauty and fashion related businesses (not specifically handmade businesses)

The Little Black Boxes -- Goes on sale at 12:01am Central time on Friday, Feb. 4th (normally goes on sale on the 1st of the month, but delayed this month)

The Spotted Box -- Goes on sale between 12pm and 3pm Central time on Tuesday, Feb. 15th

One last note...

WHY do I tell you about samplers that are sold out??? Simple -- I want you to know about them, so that if you are interested in them, you can put the next sale date on your calendars! Almost all of these samplers go on sale on the same date each month, and some of them sell out really fast, so you have to plan if you want one!

In the coming days, I will be reporting on both my January Sample Z Box and my January Yummylicious Box, as well as sharing some amazing samples (and why they're amazing) and discussing LOTS of tips for samples!

Till we meet again....